Ada McKay is a regular columnist with the most popular Spiritualist publications of our day and is also the author of 'Why I am a Spiritualist' published by Con-Psy Publications.

Spiritualism is a recognised religion in the UK which teaches personal responsibility - therefore we are answerable for our actions, lost opportunities and failures in this life.

Ada's book about Spiritualism provides many answers to questions, such as:

  • What happens after death?
  • Is there a Judgement Day?
  • What happens to those who commit suicide?
  • Do the spirits of aborted babies live on in the spirit world?
  • Do animals survive physical death? 
  • Can we trust the Bible?
  • Does everyone go to heaven or only those who accept certain beliefs?
  • What happens to atheists and agnostics after death?
  • Is baptism important? Does everyone survive death or is this only for a chosen few?
  • Does the Bible reveal the truth?

Book Contents: Chapter titles include: What is Spiritualism? God, Jesus, The Purpose of Life, Death, the Next World, Sin and Judgement, The Christian Religion, Suffering, Prayer, the Bible and Animals.

BOOK REVIEW from Matthew Hutton's Bookshelf in Psychic World Newspaper in September 2007: "The authoress has created this wonderful book which can be enjoyed at all levels, newcomers to Spiritualism as well as life-long members. A genuinely motivating read from beginning to end. Ada offers some wonderful insight's and observations into the whole spectrum of Spiritualism. Offers the reader much food for thought." 

This is a book to make you think and provide answers to many questions about the afterlife! Published by CON-PSY Publications in 2007, it is a paperback with 81 pages. All copies are signed by the author, please let Ada know what dedication you would like. Cost per copy £5 (including postage) direct from the author (Pay Pal facility available). Click link to email: